Recent Speakers

Listed below are a few of the most recent speakers supporting our Professional Development Meetings and Seminars.


Event   Date   Speaker   Organization   Subject  
Dinner Meeting   10/12/2017   Daniel W. Steeneck   Air Force Institute of Technology   The Phantom Inventory Menace  
Dinner Meeting   9/14/2017   Keith W. Tickle   Air Force Material Command Equal Opportunity   Breaking Through Complacency  
Dinner Meeting 4/13/2017 Mike Wathen President of Bravo SCM How Using Resources Outside Your Organization for Process Improvement Can Make a Difference.
Dinner Meeting 3/9/2017 David Morrow US Air Force Application of Risk Assessment Strategies.
Dinner Meeting 11/10/2016 Alfred (Al) W. Ryan Miami University Lean Journey in Higher Education
Dinner Meeting 10/13/2016 John O. Hale Clark State Community College Authentic Leadership
Dinner Meeting 5/12/2016 Kerri Kwolek Expeditors Risks in the Supply Chain
Dinner Meeting 3/11/2016 Mr. Terence Lau University of Dayton Negotiating the Non-disclosure and MOU: Tips for Non-lawyers